Styling tips for the round neck pleated patchwork short-sleeve T-shirt
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The waist-cinched design of the long-sleeve letter striped shirt showcasing the graceful curves of women
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Feminine curve accentuation in trousers with elastic, button, and pleat designs
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Avant-garde Knit Sweater: Elevate your style with this avant-garde knit sweater.
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Collar, tiered pleats, and waist-cinching design in short-sleeve shirt
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S·DEER Casual Crew Neck Mesh Panel Print Dress - S·DEER
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Stylish gray round-neck sweater with a loose-fit design and floral print
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Stylish V-neck blouse with cascading ribbons, featuring a modern and elegant cross-pleat design for a uniquely charming appearance.
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Contrast color printed high-neck hooded jacket
Stylish bubble sleeve cardigan, perfect for casual wear
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 lantern-sleeve blouse
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