Explore the allure of our Floral Dresses collection, where timeless elegance meets botanical beauty. With delicate blooms and enchanting patterns, each dress offers a touch of feminine charm and effortless sophistication.

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Save 18%
Tie Waist Shirt Dress - S·DEER
Save 38%
S·DEER Graffiti Print Patchwork Irregular Long Sleeve Dress - S·DEER
Save 11%
SDEER Round Neck Waist Contrast Printed Mesh Stitching Dress - S·DEER
Long Sleeve Smocked Wiast Mesh Dress - S·DEER
Save 28%
S·DEER Casual V-Neck Neck Waist Contrast Print Sleeveless Dress - S·DEER
Save 28%
S·DEER Round Neck Mesh Print Neck Waist Short Sleeve Dress - S·DEER
Save 37%
SDEER Casual Lapel Waist Letter Printed Net Gauze Dress - S·DEER
S·DEER Crewneck Neck Waist Printed Mesh Fake Two Piece Dress - S·DEER
Save 35%
SDEER Style Lapel Check Pleated Panel Shirt Dress - S·DEER
Save 59%