Elevate your elegance with our Dresses Collection! From timeless classics to the latest trends, find the perfect dress for any occasion and showcase your impeccable style effortlessly.

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Velvet spaghetti strap maxi dress with irregular V-neck and pleated detailing
Classic round neck knit dress with waist-cinching drawstring
Tie Waist Shirt Dress - S·DEER
Lapel Drawstring Shirt Dress - S·DEER
Waisted Mesh Long Sleeve Dress - S·DEER
Long Sleeve Smocked Waist Dress - S·DEER
Women's Belted Shirt Dress Business Casual Dress - S·DEER
S·DEER Vintage Lace Accordion Pleated Waist Dress - S·DEER
Save 11%
S·DEER Casual Lapel Neck Waist Panel Shirt Dress - S·DEER
Save 10%
S·DEER Graffiti Print Patchwork Irregular Long Sleeve Dress - S·DEER
Save 11%
S·DEER Crewneck Neck Waist Printed Mesh Fake Two Piece Dress - S·DEER
Save 35%
S.DEER  Two-piece Knitted Long-sleeve Dress - S·DEER
Save 29%
S.DEER  Mesh Printed Long Sleeve Dress with Nipped Waist - S·DEER
Save 9%
SDEER Round neck long sleeve dress two-piece waist dress - S·DEER
High-Neck Mesh Knit Sweater Dress
Save 26%
A shiny starry dress
The allure of high-quality knit fabric in your long-sleeve dress
Save 26%
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