Women's business casual attire combines professional and relaxed elements, featuring tailored trousers or skirts with blouses or sweaters. Blazers or cardigans add polish, while footwear like flats or heels completes the look.

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Banner Image
S.DEER  Check Paneled Slit Cropped Jacket - S·DEER
S.DEER  Mesh Printed Long Sleeve Dress with Nipped Waist - S·DEER
S.DEER  Two-piece Knitted Long-sleeve Dress - S·DEER
The waist-cinched design of the long-sleeve letter striped shirt showcasing the graceful curves of women
Elegant vintage bubble sleeve Petite Chanel-style coat
S.DEER  slim-fit frayed jeans - S·DEER
S·DEER Crewneck Neck Waist Printed Mesh Fake Two Piece Dress - S·DEER
S·DEER Graffiti Print Patchwork Irregular Long Sleeve Dress - S·DEER
S·DEER Round Neck Mesh Print Neck Waist Short Sleeve Dress - S·DEER
S·DEER Casual Lapel Neck Waist Panel Shirt Dress - S·DEER
S·DEER Vintage Lace Accordion Pleated Waist Dress - S·DEER
S·DEER Casual V-Neck Neck Waist Contrast Print Sleeveless Dress - S·DEER